Using Enumerations in ASP.NET Core Routes
Restoring a SQL Server Database Backup using Docker
Using Testcontainers in .NET
Implementing the Outbox Pattern with Postgres and .NET
Using Postgres Logical Replication for Data Change Events in .NET
Using Postgres Notifications in .NET for Data Change Notifications
ASP.NET Core Blazor Error Handling and Error Documentation
Consistent Error Handling in an ASP.NET Core OData and Blazor Application
Blazor WebAssembly with Cookie Authentication
Binding an Enumeration to a FluentSelect in Blazor FluentUI
Custom Form Validation with ASP.NET Core Blazor


Using Raw SQL with EntityFramework Core for Efficient SQL Queries
Google Zanzibar: Implementing the Check API and Expand API using .NET
OData, OpenAPI and Kiota for building API Clients and using it in Blazor
ASP.NET Core OData 8 and Relationship-based Access Control
Relationship-based Access Control with ASP.NET Core, EntityFramework Core and SQL
Analyzing German Weather Data using Open Data, .NET and SQL
Using the GitHub REST API with .NET
Executing GIT Commands from .NET using a Process
Extending a Fluent UI Blazor DataGrid for Filtering and Sorting with OData
Implementing a Code Search: A Frontend with ASP.NET Core Blazor (Part 3)
Implementing a Code Search: Indexing Git Repositories using PowerShell (Part 2)
Implementing a Code Search: Elasticsearch and ASP.NET Core Backend (Part 1)
Inovking a RESTful API with PowerShell
Adding an AuthorizeFilter with a dynamic Policy to the ASP.NET Core MVC Pipeline
Using Relationship-based Access Control in a .NET application
Exploring Relationship-based Access Control (ReBAC) with Google Zanzibar
Linear Interpolation with Microsoft SQL Server 2022
Using Microsoft SQL Server Temporal Tables and EntityFramework Core to Audit a Database
Using T4 Templates for generating TypeScript
Generating JSON in Microsoft SQL Server 2012+
Deserializing JSON in TypeScript


Authentication and Authorization for an ASP.NET Core OData API
Building an Angular Frontend for an ASP.NET Core OData Application
An ASP.NET Core OData Example using the Wide WorldImporters database and Entity Framework Core


Providing Multitenancy with ASP.NET Core and PostgreSQL Row Level Security
Providing Multitenancy with Spring Boot WebFlux
Bulk Updates and Inserts with PostgreSQL using Composite Types
Parsing Command Line Arguments in .NET
Using SQL Server Table-valued Parameters (TVP) for Bulk Inserts


Enabling CORS for StaticFiles in ASP.NET Core
Multitenancy with Spring Boot using Postgres Row Level Security
Renaming the Database Model of ASP.NET Core Identity
SqlQuery with EntityFramework Core 3
Building a Fulltext Search Engine with ASP.NET Core, Angular 9, Elasticsearch and Tesseract
Providing Multitenancy with Spring Boot
Using the Neo4j .NET 4.0 Driver
Composable Surveys with Angular 9
Accessing the Elsevier Article Retrieval API from .NET
Visualizing the COVID-19 dataset using Microsoft Excel 3D Maps
PgBulkInsert: Writing data using a SimpleRowWriter
Parsing the COVID-19 Data with C#
Using XML Maps for exporting XML Data from Excel


Using Dgraph for Aviation Data: Create, Import and Query a Dataset
Using Apache Jena for Aviation Data: Create, Import and Query a Dataset
Project: Family ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ง
TinyDgraphClient: A Dgraph Client for .NET
Linear Interpolation with InfluxDB
Linear Interpolation with PostgreSQL
Timeseries Databases Part 5: Generating Ridgeline Plots with R
Timeseries Databases Part 4: Generating Choropleth Maps with TimescaleDB and R
Scheduling Messages with Quartz.NET
Timeseries Databases Part 3: Writing Data to TimescaleDB from .NET
Timeseries Databases Part 2: Writing Data to InfluxDB from .NET
Timeseries Databases Part 1: Parsing a Dataset with .NET


Visualizing Graphs with Edge Constraints of the SQL Server 2019 Graph Database (SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.0)
Building Modular Applications with Entity Framework Core 2.1
Getting Started with FcmSharp and Firebase Cloud Messaging
SQL Server Bulk Inserts from Java
Creating OAuth 2.0 Tokens for Firebase Services
Streaming Bulk Inserts to SQL Server with SqlServerBulkInsert
Analyzing Flight Data with the SQL Server 2017 Graph Database
Learning Neo4j at Scale: The Airline On Time Performance Dataset
Neo4j with .NET
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) with .NET
Dropping Disqus and using GitHub for Discussions
Real-time Charts with ASP.NET Core SignalR and Chart.js
Airline On-Time Performance


Generating Choropleth Maps in R
Anomaly Detection with SQL and R
Providing a File Upload API with Jersey
Versioning and Auditing with Hibernate Envers
Reactive Programming: Periodically emitting Events with RxJava2


Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) with Java
Creating and Updating GitHub Pages
Migrating a library to .NET Core
Installing .NET Core on Mac OS X
Building Applications with Apache Flink (Part 5): Complex Event Processing with Apache Flink
Building Applications with Apache Flink (Part 4): Writing and Using a custom PostgreSQL SinkFunction
Building Applications with Apache Flink (Part 3): Stream Processing with the DataStream API
Building Applications with Apache Flink (Part 2): Writing a custom SourceFunction for the CSV Data
Building Applications with Apache Flink (Part 1): Dataset, Data Preparation and Building a Model
Working with a BulkProcessor in PgBulkInsert
Stream Data Processing with Apache Flink
Working with Elasticsearch in Java
Working with Elasticsearch in .NET
A Spliterator for MatchResults in Java
Simplified Java Database Access with SqlMapper
Implementing a Spliterator for a JDBC ResultSet
Releasing Java libraries to the Central Repository
Building Import Pipelines with JTinyCsvParser and PgBulkInsert
PostgreSQL Bulk Inserts with Java
Introducing JSimpleMapper
Mono on Ubuntu 14.04
Performance problem with Files.lines for a Parallel Stream (JDK 1.8)
TinyCsvParser Documentation
Using a Tokenizer in TinyCsvParser


Android CardView and RecyclerView Example
Custom JSON Serializer and JSON Deserializer for RestSharp
Create delegates for Constructors, Property Getters and Property Setters by Compiling Expression Trees in C#
Serializing and Deserializing Enumerations with Json.NET
PostgreSQL Bulk Insert with C#
PostgreSQL and TinyCsvParser
Benchmarking TinyCsvParser
Using TinyCsvParser and FluentValidation
TinyCsvParser - Parsing CSV Data with C#
File Uploads with Nancy
NPoco with PostgreSQL
Consistent Error Handling with Nancy
DataContractJsonSerializer: Serializing and Deserializing enum values by their name
JSON Generation with PostgreSQL


First steps with SQLAlchemy
Implementing a Face Recognition Web service
Face Detection with the Android API


Face Recognition in Videos (or turning into something useful)
Getting a Huawei E352s-5 to work with Linux
Website Update


Validating Algorithms
OpenCV FaceRecognizer documentation
Extracting Contours with OpenCV
OpenCV, Microsoft Visual Studio and libfacerec
Aligning face images


Colormaps in OpenCV
Skin Color Thresholding with OpenCV
Fisherfaces in OpenCV
Local Binary Patterns
OpenCV Code Snippets
Face Recognition with Python/GNU Octave/Matlab
Linear Discriminant Analysis with OpenCV
NumPy Performance
Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis with GNU Octave
Using libsvm
Gender Classification with the Fisherfaces algorithm
How to secure your workstation with iptables
PCA in OpenCV


Detect a face with OpenCV
Erlang autocompletion in vim
Longest Common Subsequence
Dynamic Time Warping
How To Track Your Time
Eigenvalues in OpenCV
Machine Learning with OpenCV
Brutally short introduction to Erlang
Android Snippets