Dropping Disqus and using GitHub for Discussions

Disqus is a great service and I noticed visitors are trusting it and comment a lot. I am sure it brought quite some traffic to my page and made it a lot more interactive. Disqus is a company, that needs to make money, so they started to show ads lately.

I am not switching to a priced, ad-free plan and I don't want my visitors to see ads, so I decided to drop Disqus from my pages.

Every page now contains a "How To Contribute" section, which explains how to ask questions or give feedback on articles.

This is possible, because this page is a GitHub repository at:

You can use the GitHub issue page for general discussions and feedback on articles. At the moment I have no intentions to automate the process or automatically include the discussions on the pages. If it all turns out to be too messy, I will start implementing a better solution.

How to contribute

One of the easiest ways to contribute is to participate in discussions. You can also contribute by submitting pull requests.

General feedback and discussions?

Do you have questions or feedback on this article? Please create an issue on the GitHub issue tracker.

Something is wrong or missing?

There may be something wrong or missing in this article. If you want to help fixing it, then please make a Pull Request to this file on GitHub.