Performance problem with Files.lines for a Parallel Stream (JDK 1.8)

The Files.lines method in Java 1.8 yields a very bad performance, when processing the Stream in parallel. I have noticed this issue, when benchmarking JTinyCsvParser and I also found the cause of the problem. I am writing my finding down, in case someone runs into the same problem.

Java 1.8 comes with Parallel Streams, which provide a nice way for parallel processing in an application. In Java you can basically turn every Stream into a Parallel Stream by calling the parallel() method on the Stream. Internally Java 8 uses something called a spliterator ("splittable Iterator") to estimate the optimal chunk size for your data, in order to decompose the problem into sub problems.

The problem with the Files.lines Stream implementation in JDK 8 is, that it uses the stream from BufferedReader.lines. The spliterator of this stream is derived from an iterator and reports no size. This means the size for the chunks cannot be estimated, and you have no performance gain when processing the stream in parallel.

There is a (solved) ticket for this Issue in the OpenJDK bugtracker:

The bug has been solved for Java 1.9, but the fix also works in Java 1.8 for me. You can find the bugfix in the following commit:

Because the OpenJDK code is licensed under terms of the GPL license, I cannot include it in JTinyCsvParser.

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